Zubeir Luhar

Made with love by Indian Artisans

Where is he from: Ajrakhpur, Gujarat

What crafts does he specialize in: Ajrakh


What he likes doing the most: Sightseeing and meeting friends

Zubeir is one of our Ajrakh artisan partners from Gujarat. 24 years young, Zubeir has been doing Ajrakh printing for the last 7-8 years. It wasn't his family profession, but he got involved with it through a close friend from school. Zubeir started working with Ajrakh fabrics as soon as he finished school, and enjoys working much more than studying. Along with 3-4 friends, he runs a small printing unit.


While Zubeir really enjoys the act of printing, he also manages the business side of things for the unit. A couple of times a year, he gets to visit cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad for exhibitions. He enjoys sightseeing in these places, and but he doesn't like crowds too much. He would much rather spend his day chilling and chatting with his friends :)

Here are some of Zubeir's creations.


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